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2012 BYD F3

Friday, April 6th 2012. | BYD

The 2012 BYD F3 is a compact car (4 doors sedan, 5 passengers) produced in China by BYD Auto. The 2012 BYD F3 is one of the top selling compact cars in China, looking very similar in front appearance to the 9th generation Toyota Corolla and back appearance to the Honda Fit Aria. Situated on the southern Russian town of Taganrog in the factory , first mount of will be a model 2012 BYD F3 version sedan , which was China’s best-selling car last year. Together with TagAZ Asian brand can produce by the end of this year, up to 10 000 cars, if only currently partially occupied by Hyundai’s assembly lines, as a whole will take over the Chinese manufacturer.

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But 2012 BYD F3 is not an easy task. As reported by the Russian daily Kommersant , TagAZ produces about 40% of the 2012 BYD F3 cars that Hyundai sold later on the Russian market. It is possible that 2012 BYD F3 produced in Russia, Chinese sedans will be subsequently exported to other countries of Eastern Europe. As of January 2010, the 2012 BYD F3 retails for approximately ¥60,000 (US$9,300) and the “out the door” price in China is approximately 20% more, for a total on-road cost of ¥70,000 (taxes, licensing, insurance) (US$10,850). The 2012 BYD F3 held the honors as top selling compact vehicle on the China mainland.

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